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Marielundvej 37A

2730 Herlev


Phone:  +45 44 91 82 04

Fax:        +45 44 91 55 07

E-mail:   inf@emri.dk

About us

At EMRI you will meet a skilled and dedicated team that will work hard to ensure you have the optimal service and experience​

​Here is a small selection of our employees

Management​ & Members of the Board

Claus Nørtoft Thomsen

CEO / Managing Director

J.c. Nørtoft Thomsen

Chairman of the Board

Jess Thiersen

Member of the Board

Hans E. Rasmussen

Member of the Board

Sales and administration - ​sales@emri.dk​ - +45 44 91 82 04

Martin P. Jørgensen

Sales and Marketing

Kristine N. K. Hansen


Member of the Board

Mona Bach


Lone nørtoft lauritsen


Engineers and service - ​design@emri.dk

Ber​nt bojer

R&D Manager​

Henrik schack nielsen

Quality Manager​

​jørgen reimers

​R&D Engineer

Rasmus ege olsen

R&D Engineer​

Jørgen eriksen

R&D Engineer​

Jacob Feldstedt

Test Manager​