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Marielundvej 37A

2730 Herlev


Phone:  +45 44 91 82 04

Fax:        +45 44 91 55 07

E-mail:   inf@emri.dk


45 years and counting​

EMRI first saw the light of day on April 1st 1972 and was established by MSc.EE Jens Christian Nørtoft Thomsen. JCNT had previously been working at now defunct Decca Arkas, but wanted to start his own business and decided to use his connections and make autopilots and rudder indicators as a subcontractor exclusively for Decca Arkas.

However, this relationship ended 1981, when Decca Arkas denied selling their electronic remote-controlled course repeater to EMRI, forcing them to develop their own. 

From that point on, EMRI became a company which was free to supply the entire maritime industry.

Yet, EMRI was not a market threat to anyone in the 80’s. The rest of the decade they sold around 20 custom-made autopilots. Things turned in 1989 when the North Sea Shipyard decided to use EMRI’s analogue autopilots as standard.

EMRI was the first company in the world to use analogue steering/rudder control systems, which improved steering perfomances significantly.​

In the late 80’s, EMRI had also developed their first microprocessor product – the SEM1000. The SEM1000 was sold over a seven-year period, and in 1994 the SEM200 was introduced (this was later also to become known as the FAP-2000 when sold through Furuno).

Over 1000 SEM200’s have been sold to nearly as many ships. The reason for this being that many ships choose to have two independent autopilots installed with one of them as a backup. The SEM200 has always been known among customers as a good and well-steering autopilot/track-pilot.

The SEM200 is still being delivered today but its successor – the SEM300 – was launched in 2012.

In 2011 JCNT sold off EMRI to his son Claus Nørtoft Thomsen who now runs EMRI as the managing director. The business has grown and EMRI now maintains production of more than 600 products.

Jens Christian Nørtoft Thomsen built EMRI with the purpose of supplying optimal steering control systems to the maritime business, 

and the Danish company will continue to do so for many years to come