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Marielundvej 37A

2730 Herlev


Phone:  +45 44 91 82 04

E-mail:   sales@emri.dk


Here you will be able to find relevant news and press releases from EMRI


EMRI - 50 years in business

EMRI celebrates having delivered excellence in ship control since 1972. EMRI appreciates all customers, suppliers and partners for enabling us to do what we do best - keep focusing on excellent steering capabilities and providing reliable equipment. EMRI will continue to develop and deliver high quality navigational equipment for the maritime industry.


​1.July.2020 - Press Release​

Furuno acquire EMRI A/S

Furuno, the global leader in Maritime Navigation, Communication and Acoustic systems, announced the acquisition of Danish company EMRI A/S, specializing in autopilots, steering control, joystick dynamic positioning and maneuvering systems, founded in 1972... READ MORE...

1.August.2018 - PRESS RELEASE​​​

EMRI is about to launch new flexible joystick panel

EMRI has developed a flexible joystick panel for manoeuvring of ships that can be customized to individual needs and preferences. The panel will be introduced to the market at EMRI’s exhibitor booth at SMM 2018 in Hamburg... READ MORE...​

10.July.2017 - Press Release​

New order for popular autopilot

Furetank, located on the Swedish island of Donsö, has used EMRI autopilots for a number of ships in the past. Now, with a new range of ships coming up, Furetank looks to EMRI again for an autopilot that is perfect for navigating through the narrow seaways of the Nordic countries, characterised by the archipelago, and the challenging coastlines around the entire North European countries... READ MORE...​

9.June.2017 - PRESS RELEASE​

Turnover record at EMRI A/S

EMRI presents the best fiscal year in the company’s history. After completing some difficult years during the financial crisis, the now 45-year-old business presents the company’s best revenue ever... READ MORE...​​

15.November.2016 - press release​

EMRI to deliver steering control systems for Maersk line triple E container ships

Maersk has chosen the Danish company EMRI as the provider of the comprehensive steering control systems for the second generation of Triple E container ships​... READ MORE...