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Known for quality, EMRI has been developing and selling our products for more than 45 years and is committed to excellence in ship control

Every year EMRI invests 2.2 million DKK (€300,000) in Research & Development

The product portfolio of more than 600 products entails a wide array of products for the maritime business including, but not limited to:

Autopilots for Heading Control and Track Control Systems
Joystick /DP Systems (computer controlled)
Steering Gear Servo Systems
Steering Control Systems (PLC based)
Rudder Indicator Systems
Subcontracted Items for Propeller Control
Custom-designed Bridge Instrumentation
Bridge Control Components for OEM use
Docking Displays
​Service onboard vessels



Some of our products are presented here:

​If you have any questions regarding products, please send an email to sales@emri.dk