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Global Support

We at EMRI know the importance of maintaining a high uptime and having your vessel stay on track with its schedule. Whether it is a container vessel full of cargo or a cruise vessel with vacationing passengers, downtime can be costly and annoying for everyone onboard. We help avoid these situations by having our own service engineers who travels around the world and by constantly expanding the service network with highly qualified partners.

What we do to help you maintain a high uptime

  • Using quality components - all parts are tested at the factory in Denmark.
  • EMRI service department.
  • Trained service partners.
  • Remote support.
  • Available spare parts.
  • System maintenance check upon request.

Read more about maintenance in the Service & Support brochure.

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Service Map - click for more details

Other service providers

Besides having trained service partners and own service department, EMRI are in close contact with major ship integrators around the world, who are acquainted with our products. They might have installed navigational equipment from EMRI within their scope of supply, and in some cases, even performed commissioning and sea trials. The list of contact points is characterized by more than 45 years of experience.​

     For vessel owners

     -Read about our Service&Support​

For any service requests please contact service@emri.dk

Together we will find the best service option for your situation.