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EMRI can provide service worldwide, onboard your ship, remotely, or via a local service partner.

No matter which service option we agree is the best for your situation, we strive to reach a solution without going on board the vessel again and again. We have an experienced service team and our service partners are trained and known for their high service standards/solution rate. We are known for quality products and subsequently, the service must meet the same expectations.


To keep a ship in service, docking time must be reduced. This necessitates close collaboration with all suppliers of parts that you know should be installed or retrofitted.
Taking a broader look at the installation can save time by identifying parts that are not immediately in need of replacement but could become a problem. EMRI takes pride in inspecting your installation and proactively recommending replacements to avoid downtime on your ship.

More importantly, EMRI will analyze the interdependence of parts such as sensors and other peripheral equipment. We ensure not only optimal performance and warranty of your installation by using authorized EMRI service engineers, but we also ensure not replacing parts that may not need to be replaced, thereby reducing cost and lead time.


We acknowledge the demand for trained service engineers who can take good care of EMRI systems and make sure vessels continue to maintain excellence in ship control. Therefore, we conduct training courses and encourage everyone to come visit us for a short and intense introduction.

A typical training course at EMRI involves introduction to the most commonly sold servo types and introduction to our Autopilots, and is typically tailored to 2-4 participants. But, we can adjust the training to your specific needs if requested

Potentiometer upgrade 

Performing a potentiometer upgrade can be done during a service visit, either by attending late in a dry dock period for easy budget planning or attending during the itinerary at a conveniently located port. This depends on the scope of work and your preference. 

  • Feedback potentiometers are essential parts of the steering system, and should be serviced on a regular basis due to expected wear. They are found within the rudder feedback units RFU and RFB. We recommend that these potentiometers are replaced every 5 years. Upgrading to our brand new RFC360-D you will extend this period to 10 years due to use of digital technology with no physical contact between moving parts.
  • Potentiometers within the mini wheels are recommended to be replaced every 8-10 years.
  • The steering wheel is recommended to be serviced every 8-10 years. We would suggest replacing the complete steering wheel instead of just the potentiometers, due to possible mechanical wear and the complexity of the many potentiometers within the steering wheel.
Indicator upgrade

Some indicators have become obsolete and can be replaced with newer units that have easier readable scales. 

Upgrading the indicators can be done by the crew onboard the vessel if the old indicators become defective. These are always in stock and can be ordered directly at EMRI or we can guide you to a local supplier. An upgrade can also be part of a planned service visit. Performing both potentiometer upgrade and indicator upgrade can be done during the same service attendance – thereby lowering the total cost.

WMS / PLC upgrade

When the PLC modules used in the steering PLCs are obsolete it is highly recommended to start planning an upgrade in order to avoid problems. As some PLC modules have been out of production for several years, there might not be a quick fix when the problem occurs. The best solution for maintaining your steering experience and maximizing the vessel’s uptime, is to take the necessary precautions. Without the PLC there is no follow-up steering in the bridge wings or no lamp/sound indication related to the steering system.

It takes time to do the upgrade as it involves recompilation of software, design and production of a new WMS (work mode station) factory acceptance test and installation. An estimated time frame for such work is 3-4 months, where the result is a ready to install WMS updated with new PLC versions where spare parts are available.

EMRI has experience with such upgrades, which has been performed on e.g. cruise vessels and tankers. Satisfying results are achieved by thoroughly testing the new equipment in a setup, made at the factory in Denmark in order to limit installation time onboard to only a few days, while also securing it will work when onboard.

Our recommendation is to contact us before your scheduled drydock and let us prepare the upgrade, so we can install it while the vessel is still in drydock. Planning an upgrade for a series of similar vessels will lower design costs as less work needs to be done on the following vessels.

Upgrade information

  • Delivery time: 3-4 months
  • Installation: during drydock
  • Installation time: 2-3 days


Note: other upgrades can be scheduled during the same drydock period. Let us put together an upgrade package that fits your needs and budget

General maintenance check-up

Onboard routine maintenance can be performed by the crew, documentation and manuals should be available onboard. In case you need help with this, it is of course always a possibility to contact EMRI for guidance. We can provide remote guidance or provide a service technician to go onboard the vessel, at a specified port during the vessel’s itinerary. Examples of such maintenance check-up could be checking the Joystick/DP System, checking the levers, making adjustments according to the captain and navigators´ steering preferences and possibly suggest replacement of equipment.

Availability of factory tested spare parts

If something goes down, the availability of needed spare parts is an important factor when it comes to maintaining a high uptime. EMRI always has a wide range of spare parts available for shipment, which can be delivered within 1-4 days in most places around the world. If needed parts are not in stock e.g. custom-made products, we can start production from day to day depending on complexity.

Many of the ship integrators who have integrated navigational equipment from EMRI within their project deliveries, carry a selected spare parts stock. They usually replenish their stock shortly after parts have been used.

Sub-supplier products

EMRI is also a sub-supplier of some servo modules, pitch converters and maneuver distribution circuit boards for Man Energy Solutions. Please note that this arrangement dates back in time, so products might have been acquired through Alfa Diesel or Man Diesel which can now be found at Man Energy Solutions. In case of any inquiries relating to these products, whether it is for maintenance or replacement units, we refer to Man Energy Solutions.

Remote Support

EMRI can provide remote support and help guide the crew onboard, for troubleshooting and for making possible adjustments. Sometimes it requires going through old manuals and data, which is why we might ask you to create a helpdesk case, as it will enable us to dedicate enough resources to help you properly. A helpdesk order is calculated on an hourly basis, where only actual used hours will be invoiced. The case will be closed when a solution is reached or as decided by the customer.

Service partners

EMRI has a service department located in Denmark that performs onboard service and remote support to your vessel and to our service partners.

EMRI engage with EMRI certified third party service partners in other global regions. EMRI will coordinate the most efficient use of own and third party service partners to accommodate your needs


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