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Steering Control System (SCS)


Take a look at the large deep-sea vessel of any busy cargo harbor anywhere in the world, and you will probably see a ship with an EMRI steering control system, and some still in perfect condition after more than 30 years. Some components, such as our unique wooden steering wheel are still fitted into modern ships 40 years later- simply because it is excellent quality and looks nice


Should you have a need that EMRI does not immediately cover, do not hesitate to contact us. Through our worldwide contacts and our mother company Furuno, we have close relations with other providers, which our service department will use to define a solution for you.


An EMRI SCS can be adapted to a wide variety of steering gear makers and types, and for multiple rudders, azimuths and steering gear pumps. Our team of specialists is always ready to discuss your needs, whether that being a new ship or a retrofit; and if already using an EMRI system, you are assured we have your installation on file – regardless of age.

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