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Autopilot Heading Control (AP)


Based on thousands of large vessel installations, EMRI Autopilot technology is known for its high precision and extreme durability. Adaptive mode selectors will improve fuel efficiency by optimizing steering. According to our experience, precision of a few tenths of a degree can be obtained, allowing for precise track control through very difficult coastal route segments. The system is configured for full hot standby redundancy.

Depending on the ship and existing rudder control system, EMRI offers various commissioning packages for the SEM300:

Commissioning Options

New installation or retrofit of other Autopilot brand

EMRI has extensive experience installing SEM300 in a variety of ship types, as well as replacing several other brands.
EMRI’s service team will prepare a FAT and wire the ship, as well as participate in the precision calibration sea trial. The installation will be documented so that future technicians can service it.

Installation on Sister ships

When the first ship in a series is completed, the documentation allows any qualified technician to commission subsequent ships in the same series.
Should the technician have any questions, the EMRI service team will be available via email and phone.

EMRI/Furuno AutoPilot Retrofit

Over a 20-year period, EMRI and Furuno have installed thousands of EMRI SEM200 and Furuno FAP-2000 Autopilots. Retrofitting these systems with a new SEM300 or FAP-3000 is essentially a plug-and-play operation.
The new Autopilot is the same size and shape as its predecessor, and it can be installed by any qualified technician.

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